An Amazing Review from Blake Fulton on ‘Murder at Broadcast Park’

One of the top sales programs in the country for developing NEW BUSINESS is Blake Fulton from Gabriel Media. I gave him an advance copy of ‘Murder at Broadcast Park’ and asked for a true review- it probably helps that I love what Gabriel Media does for our TV business, but I love his review:

“Having spent the last 20+ years in the broadcast industry, I have been lucky to meet many wonderful and talented people but none more so than the amazing, Bill Evans. Everyone always asks me, “What is it like inside a TV station newsroom?” and Evans gives you a peek behind the cameras with his novel,  ‘Murder at Broadcast Park!’ A true thriller; a “who done it’ that you won’t be able to put down and simply put, a must read!”

Blake Fulton



Jim Doyle Himself Couldn’t Put Murder at Broadcast Park Down!

WOW, just WOW! Look at this great review from the LEGENDARY Jim Doyle for Murder at Broadcast Park:

“I was hooked on the first page and then could not put this book down. Murder at Broadcast House captured me with real characters and a great story. A perfect escape book until I realized how realistic it really was.”

Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle & Associates