Writing Consistently is Key to Good Writing

Writing consistently is key to good writing. It’s like anything else, the more you do it the better you become. Writing is all about putting something on paper every day. It’s the hardest thing for a new writer to do.

Unless you are a full time writer your life is filled with so many distractions. Distractions that keep you away from your writing. You have to commit to the writing process every day. Even if it is just a few sentences, or a page, or two pages. Maybe it’s a number of words per day. The key is to set a goal and commit to it.

No-one can write for you. If you don’t do it, it simply doesn’t get done. You have to be willing to make the sacrifice every day to sit down and put something on paper.  When I wrote Murder at Broadcast Park, (#Murder At Broadcast Park), I had to make sure I was writing something every day.

It might be a re-write, it might be editing. It might be a new chapter. When you are writing consistently your writing will become better. It will improve as you continue to do it.  No excuses. You need to write every day if you are committed to being a writer.

It’s the hardest thing a writer must do. Write! No-one can do it for you.  Every day commit to the process. There will be lots of distractions and you’ll develop your own reasons why you can’t write that day. Work through it. Sit down and write something.

Some writers set goals of a certain amount of words every day.  Or maybe a chapter. The goal should be attainable. Don’t set unrealistic goals. This will be tough enough already. I like the word total. Whatever your goal is make it daily and follow through on it.

Good writing.

How Important are the Book Release Events?

Book release events are extremely important as a new author. I just completed two different book release events.  Here is what I learned.

First and foremost, speaking from experience, make sure your books show up in time for the event. I just hosted a book release in Great Falls, Montana and had trouble getting the books to the event. They were lost in shipping.  If you are going to do a book release party you should make sure you have the books there.

Each time I learn how to improve on these events. It’s a great way to connect with your readers. It is even a better way to connect with new readers. The most important thing for a new author.

The key is to make sure you have manageable events. Hopefully, profitable events. And for sure, each event needs to be an artistic success.

What is a manageable event?  You need to make sure your room is a good fit for your audience. The right size and the right feel. If you are going to serve beverages or food, make sure you have enough. This can get costly if you are picking up the tab to be careful.

In order for your event to be profitable you need to manage all your costs. That includes your travel to and from an event. Will the event create enough book sales to pay for the event? These are important elements that need to be figured out before you commit to the event.

What is an artistic success? I consider this one of the most important parts of a successful event. Once you commit to the event, regardless of how many people show up, you need an artistic success. Everyone who does show up you want them to have a great time. Feel good about your book. You want them to walk away having enjoyed themselves so they will tell others.

One way to show your event as an artistic success is to post a lot of pictures.

Get out there and remember you are your best promoter  of your work.

Good writing!


Reviews are Key to Help Your Books

I’m learning just how important reviews of your book can be. Reviews are the key to helping elevate your book on selling sites. You will want to ask your readers to post reviews to key book sale sites. Sites like Amazon.com (#Amaxon) or on Goodreads.com (#Goodreads).  These are all good places to have reviews posted.

Amazon will actually elevate your book onto some of their book selling promotion positions once you have 50 reviews posted. The reviews are rated even stronger reviews if the reviewer bought the book on Amazon.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with both these sites as well as others.

Getting reviews sounds easier than it is. Everyone will tell you they will take the time to add a review, but they forget, get busy, or simply don’t think about it. There are some things you can do to help boost your review requests.

One way to make it easier for your readers to review your book is to give them something that spells out how to do the review process. Provide them links like this one for my book, Murder at Broadcast Park (#Murder)  http://bit.ly/murderBE.

Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to give you an honest review when they finish reading your book. Ask them over and over. Remind them over and over. It is part of the business of writing. If you want to be a successful, profitable writer, ask for reviews. And never stop asking for reviews.

Good writing!


When Trying to Get Published – Don’t Listen to the Noise

When you are trying to get published there are all kinds of rules to follow. Usually the rules are made by the publishers. What I have discovered on my own journey is to not listen to the noise.

Rule 1 that I would not pay attention to; Only submit to one publisher at a time. This is a numbers game. Give yourself every opportunity to find your publisher. I would submit to as many publishers as you have time to submit to in your genre.

The one rule I would advise you to follow is the rule of submission guidelines. Make sure you pay attention to what each publisher is looking for under their guidelines for submission.  This rule is very important and you need to pay attention to it.

Make sure you submit the very best product that you are capable of submitting. Hire an editor or two to go through your manuscript. The cleaner your material is the more publishers will look at it.

The easier you can make it for a publisher the more they will like your work. There are hundreds of submissions every year. It is a competition and the more polished your story is, the more publishers will consider it.

Don’t take rejection personal. It’s not personal. You might have the greatest story and the best manuscript in the world. It is still a matter of connecting with a publisher that believes in your work. Don’t listen to the noise when it comes to being rejected. Learn from any advice being offered. Don’t let it be the end result for you. Don’t listen to the noise when someone rejects your work.

I love that I’ve reinvented myself at age 64 to have this new writing career. Writing novels that I love to write. If I had listened to all the noise I would not be writing today. Write with passion and love for what you are doing. Don’t listen to the noise around you.

Have a great time and write everyday!

Rules to Finding Your First Publisher for New Authors

As a new author (#billevans), I’ve discovered rules for finding your publisher. How does a new author find their first publisher? The easy part for me is writing. Getting published that’s the hard part.  If you’re going to be a profitable writer and this is how you want to make your living, then you better know the business side of writing (#Murderatbroadcastpark).

It’s not about finding a publisher (#findingpublisher). It’s about finding the right publisher (#KoehlerPublishing). That can be very time consuming.  My word of advice is to be patient. It’s going to be hard when you find a publisher that wants to publish your work, but maybe you don’t feel right about them. Be willing to walk away if you don’t have a good feeling about someone you are going to trust with your book. Interview any publisher to make sure you get a good feel for who they are and how they are going to work with you. Find out what they bring to the table. Treat this like a very important hire, because that is exactly what it is.  You are going to literally higher someone to be your publishing partner. Give it all your attention and find the right fit for yourself.

Where do you find a publisher? Start with google (#google). Google by your genre. You will be amazed at all the publishers listed. I suggest doing this online as opposed to buying one of those books that list all the publishers. Any printed book for this source will be outdated by the time it is available. Go online and research available publishers.

The most important thing to pay attention to is the publisher’s submission guidelines. Follow those to the letter, otherwise, you are just wasting your time.  Pay attention to the guidelines.  Most publishers will tell you to only submit to one at a time. Why? I would send out as many submissions as you want. It’s a numbers game. Increase your odds.

Work your resources that you have already developed. Make sure your contacts with people you made with other authors, etc., no you are looking for a publisher. You never know where that one introduction could come from that might change your life.

Good luck and good writing!

Today Is The Beginning For This New Novelist

Oct. 15, 2017 and my debut as a novelist, Murder At Broadcast Park was released this morning.

I left a 45 year broadcasting career at the top of my game to become a NOVELIST. Scary? You think?

I am excited and scared to death at the same time to launch this new writing career. Writing I believe has been the easiest part of the process. The business side is what I want to master so that I can be a profitable writer with works that people want to read. I want people to enjoy reading my books. The key for every writer is to get the books into the hands of readers.

And from interacting in the writing world with new authors and established authors this is something we all struggle with—how to get our books in front of readers. I talked about this when I taught a a class on the First Time Being Published at the Central Coast Writer’s Conference a few weeks ago. My plan is to blog on a regular basis the ins and outs of my new writing career in order to help other writers who find themselves struggling with the business of being an author.

And today—I call myself an AUTHOR–thank you to my publisher, Koehler Publishing and to all the editors that helped with the final book product. This first time process for me was exciting and tedious at the same time. My advice to any first time author is to make sure you find yourself a good team of editors who will help you improve your product and make you a better writer.

My team at Koehler Publishing certainly did that and I am forever grateful.
Today I will toast my first novel with a nice glass of wine this evening. I will celebrate the adventurer that I’ve chosen to take. And tomorrow I will worry, as all authors do, about book sales, marketing, etc. I will cover my adventure in this blog in hopes it will help new authors navigate their own path.



An Amazing Review from Blake Fulton on ‘Murder at Broadcast Park’

One of the top sales programs in the country for developing NEW BUSINESS is Blake Fulton from Gabriel Media. I gave him an advance copy of ‘Murder at Broadcast Park’ and asked for a true review- it probably helps that I love what Gabriel Media does for our TV business, but I love his review:

“Having spent the last 20+ years in the broadcast industry, I have been lucky to meet many wonderful and talented people but none more so than the amazing, Bill Evans. Everyone always asks me, “What is it like inside a TV station newsroom?” and Evans gives you a peek behind the cameras with his novel,  ‘Murder at Broadcast Park!’ A true thriller; a “who done it’ that you won’t be able to put down and simply put, a must read!”

Blake Fulton




Jim Doyle Himself Couldn’t Put Murder at Broadcast Park Down!

WOW, just WOW! Look at this great review from the LEGENDARY Jim Doyle for Murder at Broadcast Park:

“I was hooked on the first page and then could not put this book down. Murder at Broadcast House captured me with real characters and a great story. A perfect escape book until I realized how realistic it really was.”

Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle & Associates


Former Police Chief says, “You are drawn into twists and turns of ‘Murder At Broadcast Park.”


“Bill Evans is a natural story teller. With ‘Murder at Broadcast Park’ Bill has combined his intimate and encyclopedic knowledge of broadcasting with a long time interest in law enforcement. The result is a hard hitting murder mystery replete with the fast paced immediacy of a television news room combined with walking the tightrope of a very public, major homicide investigation. The pages will simply fall away as you are drawn into twists and turns of ‘Murder At Broadcast Park.”

Robert F. Pasero
Chief of Police (ret.)
Orland Police Department
Missing in America Project
National Chaplain