Today Is The Beginning For This New Novelist

Oct. 15, 2017 and my debut as a novelist, Murder At Broadcast Park was released this morning.

I left a 45 year broadcasting career at the top of my game to become a NOVELIST. Scary? You think?

I am excited and scared to death at the same time to launch this new writing career. Writing I believe has been the easiest part of the process. The business side is what I want to master so that I can be a profitable writer with works that people want to read. I want people to enjoy reading my books. The key for every writer is to get the books into the hands of readers.

And from interacting in the writing world with new authors and established authors this is something we all struggle with—how to get our books in front of readers. I talked about this when I taught a a class on the First Time Being Published at the Central Coast Writer’s Conference a few weeks ago. My plan is to blog on a regular basis the ins and outs of my new writing career in order to help other writers who find themselves struggling with the business of being an author.

And today—I call myself an AUTHOR–thank you to my publisher, Koehler Publishing and to all the editors that helped with the final book product. This first time process for me was exciting and tedious at the same time. My advice to any first time author is to make sure you find yourself a good team of editors who will help you improve your product and make you a better writer.

My team at Koehler Publishing certainly did that and I am forever grateful.
Today I will toast my first novel with a nice glass of wine this evening. I will celebrate the adventurer that I’ve chosen to take. And tomorrow I will worry, as all authors do, about book sales, marketing, etc. I will cover my adventure in this blog in hopes it will help new authors navigate their own path.