Nothing Sleepy About the Palm Springs Desert!

“If you think things are sleepy in the desert, think again! Live On TV3 Palm Springs is a real-life TV soap opera!” – Jon Herz, Fox Sports commentator and former sports anchor at KESQ News Channel 3 Palm Springs

Truer words were never spoken! Much of my “real-life” work on television in Palm Springs became the inspiration and backdrop for my newest book release: Live on TV3: Palm Springs, coming out October 10, 2018. (Hint, it’s already available for pre-order so reserve your copy today!)

If you’re looking for a real look behind-the-scenes of the soap opera that is television news, you’ll enjoy this book, a prequel to Murder at Broadcast Park that released last October.

For your amusement, here’s one of the scenes from the book, involving former Palm Springs mayor Sonny Bono, back when he was a candidate. Yes, as you can see, it really happened…